Coronavirus prevention

State of Oklahoma Coronavirus page

This page shows the current situation in Oklahoma, including results from testing (number of confirmed cases, number negative tests, etc.), as well as COVID-19 information and advice for the public. It is produced and updated by the Oklahoma Department of Health.


EPA List of Effective Cleaning Products

"Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2" is a list produced by the EPA that shows effective cleaners, as well as allowing you to search to see if a particular product is included.


Advice for the Public

Produced by the World Health Organization (WHO), this site covers when & how to use masks, COVID-19 myth busters (separating facts from rumors about the coronavirus), how to prepare your workplace, and advice for health workers. The site includes videos, infographics, and PDFs on these topics.


Coronavirus Disease 2019

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) page about coronavirus includes statistics, advice for schools, and a newsletter you can sign up to get via email specifically about COVID-19.


The Science Behind Coronaviruses

If you are someone who is interested in the more scientific details of how the novel coronavirus COVID-19 emerged and spread, this resource from the National Institutes of Health will give you an overview.