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A Library borrower’s card may be issued to:
- any individual who lives, works or owns property in Carter County
- persons attending school within Carter County (with proof of enrollment)
- literacy students tutored by literacy volunteers even if they do not meet residency requirements
- Minors (under age 18), who meet one of the above qualifications but unaccompanied by a parent/guardian, may apply for a Library card which will be mailed to their home address.
- Non-residents of Carter County may obtain a Library card for a $15.00 annual fee. This card may be used by any member of the immediate family residing in the same home.

Technology cards

A Technology Card may be issued to any adult customer who, regardless of residence, only wants to use the computer services. The applicant will be requested to provide an I.D. that includes an address. This card is free. It will not be available for customers age 17 or under. This card does not allow borrowing privileges or remote access to databases. The Technology Card expires one (1) year from date of issuance and is renewable.

Checking Out Materials

- A library customer should present his/her library card in order to check out materials. If the library card is not in his/her possession, materials may be checked out with photo identification.
- Spouses, adult children caregivers, and others who may need to conduct library business on
behalf of another adult, may be allowed to do so after submitting a signed “Alternate Card-User
Authorization” form.
- Parents/legal guardians of minors may have access to their children’s account information.


Acceptable Photo ID

- Driver's license, temporary Oklahoma driver's license or learner's permit (with additional
photo ID)
- Oklahoma Department of Public Safety ID
- Passport
- Resident Alien Registration Card
- Military, school, or employee photo ID or non-U.S. passport and Social Security Card (if
- International Driver's Permit
- Mexican Consular
- Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) Card

Proof of Residency

Identification showing current address is required for adult customers (ages eighteen and older and emancipated minors) before a permanent Library card can be issued. Identification sources accepted include:
- Driver's license, temporary Oklahoma Driver's license or learner's permit
- Oklahoma Department of Public Safety ID
- Personalized check, savings passbook, bank or credit union statement
- Utility deposit receipt or utility bill
- Current credit card bill
- Voter's registration or notarized temporary voter's registration permit
- Vehicle registration or liability insurance
- Official rent receipt; rental agreement, contract, or lease
- Mail postmarked within the last 30 days (if none of the above is available)
- Adults without address identification must wait to check out items until they receive a Library card mailed to the provided address.
- Emancipated minors should bring proof of emancipation along with any of the above identification.

Expiration dates

All library cards expire annually. The Library’s automated circulation system will prompt staff to update patron records with current contact information, which must be shown using one of the sources listed above.

Patron Photographs

To aid in identification of a patron who presents a library card for use, the Library adds photographs to the record of each patron. A photograph is taken at the circulation desk and immediately added to the record.

Photographs are taken when a new card is issued or an older card is updated (if there is not already a photograph in the record). For minors, a new photograph will be taken each year when the account is updated because their appearance can change so much from year to year.

An adult patron may refuse to have a photograph taken and added to their record. In such a case, staff will place an indicator of this preference in the record in lieu of a photograph. An adult may also refuse on behalf of their minor child(ren), although where a child has unaccompanied Internet permission, we would ask that they not do so.

Photographs are only associated with the patron record, are not stored anywhere separately, and are for staff use for identification purposes only.


[This information is from the Library Policy Manual.]